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Top Tips For Hay Fever Sufferers

The pollen season approaches again. One quarter of Irish schoolchildren get hay fever (seasonal allergic rhinitis). Grass pollen is frequently the culprit. This can be a miserable time for children and particularly teenagers who have to take state examinations in June. If your child regularly suffers from hay fever symptoms then a visit to your GP soon would be a good idea. If their symptoms were severe last year, then starting on a regular non-sedating and long acting antihistamine and a steroid nasal spray before symptoms emerge may be the best recommendation.

There are several non-medical interventions for parents to consider:

Avoiding activity in the early part of the day when pollen counts are high.

  •  Avoid going out after storms or very windy days
  • Wearing nasal filters reduce rhinitis symptoms during the pollen season
  • Staying indoors while grass is being cut or when counts are expected to be high
  • Children should not be allowed play in cut grass
  • Keeping windows shut to prevent pollens drifting indoor
  • Pollen filters can be fitted to vehicles
  • Vaseline applied to nostrils may reduce pollen penetration of the nasal mucosa
  • Showering or bathing once in for the day
  • Wear wrap around sunglasses

Most of the above recommendations are based on expert consensus rather than randomised clinical trials.