Treating Allergy and Asthma Since 1998

Since 1998 AllergyCounts has been providing high-quality, medically supervised and safe allergy diagnostic tests, based principally in the Hermitage Medical Clinic Lucan, it also provides a service in Blackrock, and Vista Clinc in Naas.

AllergyCounts  perfom clinically proven allergy tests in adults, children and infants . We accept referrals from family doctors, medical specialists, dietitians  and directly from members of the public. In addition, we can facilitate allergy training, teach adrenalin self administration, provide written self-management plans and refer for dietetic consultations where appropriate for adults & children with food allergies. All our tests are reported by a Consultant with expertise in allergy.

Other services include allergy patch testing for dermatological conditions, food intolerance tests, lung function tests for asthma and other respiratory disorders and immunotherapy for specific allergies.

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